Here I am at Forest Fire's D-day event in 2008:

Yes that is a University of Washington Huskies paintball team shirt (and no I am not on the team)


That's a picture of my gear bag before mods to my gun.  I don't have any current conglomeration pictures of my gear.

Name and Location:
Elliott Jackson
Northwest Washington

Hobbies and Interests:
Paintball, Paintball, Paintball!!!!!!!!

I have created this page to get some feedback on paintball. I am willing to talk about any subject relating to paintball.
My question for the day is:

I got the Level 10 bolt kit and an 88ci tank and a 114ci tank!

I'm drooling over the BT TM7.  I will keep my 'Mags but am intrigued by this newcomer.  Should I acquire one?

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Here are some of my favorite sites: - the OFFICIAL
                Automags Owners Group

See ya on the field!!
Got my 'Mag!  Let's go!!

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